The end of the summer is a beautiful time in much of the United States, but also signals the beginning of a time that puts many people’s nerves on edge. Why? Two words: hurricane season.

The early autumn can be an unsettling time for many home owners, but properly prepping and preparing yourself before the big storms hit can save you time and sometimes a small fortune if you’ve crossed your T’s and dotted all of your I’s.

Here are 3 tips to help you prepare for hurricane season!

Get a roof inspection

A roof inspection will help you to identify the faults and weak places in your roof before the rain and winds arrive. A qualified contractor will be able to diagnose your roof’s health and whether or not you need to have some repairs done prior to the full strength of a storm smashes against it.

Clean your gutters, downspouts and drainage systems

It’s only common sense when you think about it. Your gutters and drainage systems are in place to direct water away from possible problem areas. If they can’t do this, the chances of problems arising from the excess rainfall can cause drastic damage to roof and ultimately your entire home. If heights aren’t your thing, we recommend having a roofing professional come out to evaluate their status and perhaps give them a good cleaning.

Double-check and review your insurance policies

For many homeowners, your insurance policies are something that you’re glad you have, rarely need, but are devastated about when you don’t have them if inclement weather strikes. Some insurance policies do not cover residential roofing, so it’s good to always make sure that you’re up-to-date with your policies to avoid too many unpleasant surprises after the storm has passed. If the worst happens, having an insurance policy that will cover a complete, new construction of your home is the safest bet.

Want to see what to expect for this year’s hurricane season? Check out NOAA’s forecast here.