When you live in Florida, it‘s not IF the storm hits, it’s WHEN

Be prepared for coming hurricane

Be Prepared for a Storm with a Quality Roof

When we install a new roof, we make sure we use best practices for wind and storm management. We make sure shingles, tiles, and metal panels are properly fastened to the house with plenty of nails, and we use strong bracing for roof trusses with extra support on the gable ends.

If we repair a roof we didn’t originally install, we’ll look for these things, and advise you if we think your roof needs extra support or other measures.

Not sure how your roof stacks up? Give us a call for a free inspection! We can also talk with you about installing hurricane straps and other protective measures.

Dealing with Storm Damages

If a storm does hit, know that we stand ready to help you keep your family safe and dry. We have crews ready to do emergency tarp jobs, and we’ll be out as soon as the weather passes to do a damage assessment and help you with insurance claims.

With decades of experience here in Florida, we’re experienced in dealing with insurance companies and the entire claims process. We’re here to be a resource for you and your insurance company. If we’re able to visit your property before the claims adjuster arrives, we can help you make sure you ask the right questions and get everything you deserve from your insurance settlement.

Making Your House Whole Again

Whether your roof needs a patch or an entire new roof, we’ll be right by your side through the whole process. If your insurance company approves a repair to the damaged area, we’ll help you find the right shingles to match your existing roof. In cases where shingles have been discontinued or a match isn’t possible, we can help you advocate with your insurance company for a complete replacement.

Check out our New Roofing & Repairs page for more information about the process of repairing or replacing your roof. Coastal Roofing Pros is your locally owned roofing expert, and we’re here to make your home safe and secure for your family.

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